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Seed Coaching

The SEED Coaching Programme is based on
'The SEED Handbook, the feminine way to create business'
and 'BLOOM'

by Lynne Franks


A unique, transformational coaching training programme which will equip women in enabling their clients to reach their full potential. The SEED Coaches work according to principles of feminine leadership and base their work on sustainable, feminine values.

Who is it for?

Women who are:

  • Thinking of starting their own enterprise

  • Already have their own business

  • Wishing to create social change in their community

  • Committed to reaching their full creative potential

  • Seeking to transforming their lives through increased personal growth, wellbeing, and enhanced relationships

  • What will I do as a SEED Coach?

    As an accredited SEED Coach you will work the on key areas of a modern woman's life - personal growth, wellbeing, relationships, work and contribution to community.

    Who created SEED Coaching?

    The SEED Transformational Coaching programme was created by SEED founder Lynne Franks, together with her team of specialist coaching experts. It is based on the teachings of The SEED Handbook, 'the feminine way to create business', 'BLOOM', and Lynne's many years of experience in developing and supporting women leaders in having a positive impact within their communities.

    The SEED Coaching Values

  • Passion - creativity - belief

  • Integrity - authenticity - directness - honesty

  • Courage - challenges - risk taking

  • Love - compassion - empathy - nurturing

  • Connection - co-operation - dialogue

  • Outcomes

    You will be supported in developing SEED coaching skills based on the SEED principles and values through:

  • Exploring your values in order to work with clients to support their values

  • Focusing on living in the moment and being fully present as a SEED coach

  • Taking actions that encourage your clients live the life of their dreams

  • Creating your own sustainable lifestyle and sustainable business to encourage your clients to focus on
    Sustainability and community

  • Establishing a SEED circle and becoming part of a community of women who live and work according to the feminine principles of sustainable co-operation and mutual empowerment

  • The opportunity to become a SEED Ambassador and train to deliver further SEED Workshops and Programmes

  • How Do I Become a SEED Coach?

  • Participate in a one day SEED Empowerment Workshop, facilitated by Lynne Franks, which will introduce you to the SEED values, methodology and community environment.

  • Create and run a SEED Circle in your community - a group of ideally 8-12 like-minded women who come together to support and develop each other's dreams into reality

  • Commit to the SEED Transformational Coaching Programme. This will equip you with the tools and experience to create a sustainable business, coaching women and fulfilling their true potential on both a personal and professional level

  • The Programme

    Our initial training includes either the BLOOM retreat in the tranquil and nurturing setting of Mallorca, or two BLOOM training week-ends in the UK. Whichever option you choose, this will be followed by two consecutive training days in the UK using the SEED Coaching tools as well as supportive exercises from Lynne's books The SEED Handbook, GROW, BLOOM and her other programmes.

    You will be introduced to the SEED philosophy of the feminine principles of leadership and how the SEED values and SEED Daisy Tools developed by Lynne can be incorporated into your role as a SEED Coach to help your clients transform their lives whilst enriching your own. Our SEED Lead Coaches will teach you, through sharing their experiences, how to run a SEED Circle.

    The Programme gives you the opportunity of creating your own life and work visions, and ensures that these values are in alignment with those of SEED. The training you receive will help enhance all areas of your personal and professional life.

    This will be followed by four monthly group skype sessions and one-to-one supportive coaching via email or phone by a SEED Lead Coach, as you coach three volunteer clients free of charge as case studies. To enhance your learning, you will be required to hold three monthly SEED Circle meetings, keep a reflective journal and create a vision poster of your SEED coaching dreams. You will submit your case studies, a summary of your SEED circle meetings, your reflective journal and your vision poster for assessment at the end of a four month period.

    You will meet the other members of you SEED Coaching Circle again during a second two days training once you hav submitted your work. A key training focus of this two days will be the PR and marketing element of the SEED Transformational Coaching Programme designed by Lynne. This will assist you in developing a marketing strategy for your business to ensure it is sustainable. As with all SEED programmes, the weekend will allow you to reflect on your progress, be supported in your development through one-to-one assessments and coaching, as well as a sharing of experiences.

    Should you have any additional queries, please do not hesitate to contact the SEED Team. We look forward to welcoming you into our community of SEED Coaches!

    SEED Coach Training Includes

  • Accredited SEED Coach Training, including P.R. and Marketing

  • SEED Coach Training Materials

  • The exclusive opportunity to market yourself as an Accredited SEED Coach, and use the pooled marketing resources

  • The opportunity to become a SEED Ambassador and train to deliver further SEED Workshops and Programmes

  • Becoming part of the SEED Community of mutually supportive, inspired and like-minded women.

  • Once accredited as a SEED coach, you will be able to call yourself a SEED Coach; you will be able to use the SEED coaching logo on your own website, and link to the main SEED site if you wish to market yourself as a SEED coach. You will also have to commit to further one and two-day SEED development training as required to update your accreditation as a SEED coach.

    Individual event details can be found here

    Profiles of accredited SEED Coaches can be found here.

    Click here to download SEED Coach Booking Form pdf
    or contact seedteam@seednetwork.com